solveLinEqs calculates the exact solution, if it exists, to a set of linear equations belonging to the Rationals. It does this by doing the calculation with the type num/den, where num and den are unlimited length integers. There is no limit to the number of linear equations which are to be solved.

If the coefficient matrix has zero determinant, then that matrix is augmented with the right hand side vector or matrix and its reduced row echelon form is output. This can be used to determine if the equations are self-consistent.

A second window shows the output in floating point with any chosen precision. And a third window allows arithmetic with fractions of unlimited length numerators and denominators.

The Help menu shows how to use solveLinEqs.

solveLinEqs is compiled for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux in both 32 and 64 bit versions.

solveLinEqs was built with Xojo.


Download solveLinEqs v 1.0. (15.6 MB) (15.3 MB) (5.3 MB) (5.5 MB) (13.6 MB) (14.6 MB)

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