polyTool handles rational polynomials with fraction or integer coefficients of unlimited length. Both regular and modular arithmetic can be done. Primitive polynomials and their accompanying polynomial finite fields can be generated. And the roots of a rational polynomial can be found. polyTool uses my own multi-precision engine, fp. polyTool is released as freeware, with no restrictive license.

polyTool is made with Xojo and has 32 and 64 bit versions for Mac, Windows, and Linux.


Version 1.0 is the first release.

Version 1.1 allows evaluation of a polynomial for a given rational argument.

Download polyTool v 1.1
polyToolMac32.zip (6.9 MB)
polyToolMac64.zip (7.1 MB)
polyToolWindows32.zip (13.7 MB)
polyToolWindows64.zip (14.9 MB)
polyToolLinux32.zip (15.4 MB)
polyToolLinux64.zip (15.3 MB)

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