fp64 is an Xcode 10 C++ Command Line Tool which implements unlimited length integers and multi-precision floating point numbers.

fp64 is the successor to fp, which used 32-bit unsigned integers for base 2^32 representation of unlimited length integers. fp64 uses 64-bit unsigned integers for base 2^64 representation of unlimited length integers. It also redefines the class mb so that the number zero does not have the unique status that it had in fp.

The usual set of scientific functions is implemented in type fp, including the hyperbolic functions and the Gamma function. More types and functions will be added in following versions.


Version 1.01 corrects a bug by adding “mbNormalize(q)“ at the end of divAbs.
Version 1.02 corrects a compare of an fp to zero.

Download fp64 v 1.02. The download includes documentation.

fp64.zip (97 KB)

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