PolyRoots finds the roots of a polynomial to any chosen accuracy using Laguerre's Method. The coefficients of the polynomial can be real or complex. PolyRoots uses my own multi-precision engine, fp. PolyRoots is released as freeware, with no restrictive licenses.

PolyRoots is a Universal Cocoa application.


Version 2.0 allows polynomial entry in the form: x^2-4x+3

Version 3.1 corrects bugs where 9.999...999e-1 was incorrectly rounded to 1.e-1 rather than 1.e0, and where, rarely, certain inputs caused the application to hang.

Version 3.2 corrects a rare division bug.

Version 3.3 corrects a bug which did not allow a zero entry when the form of entry was the coefficient list.

Version 4.0 now allows fractions in the coefficients entry.

Version 4.1 points out that only fractions of the form "num/den" should be used.

Version 4.2 adds the ability to set "Round To Zero" ON or OFF.

Download PolyRoots v 4.2 PolyRoots.zip (356 kB)

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