Matrix Plugin

Matrix Plugin for REALbasic 2008 and later allows you to construct programs which, because of operator and function overloading, can handle real matrices much like doubles and integers are handled. Matrix elements are doubles. A matrix can be entered in standard form in a TextArea and read in by a single instruction.

It is a Mac OS X Universal, Windows, and Linux plugin.

Included is a test REALbasic project and two test SVD projects.

Version 1.1 corrects a bug with addition and subtraction of a matrix with a double or integer.
Version 1.3 allows, for string entry, fractional forms for matrix elements.
Version 1.5 corrects a bug in the x86 part of the plugin which caused an incorrect reading of a matrix from an EditField.
Version 2.0 adds support for creating Mac OS X Universal applications with REALbasic 2006 Release 4.
Version 2.5 now works with REALbasic 2008 release 3 and later.
Version 3.0 has the ability to calculate the Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) of an m x n dimensioned matrix, where m >= n.
Version 3.1 corrects a bug in the plugin's implementation of the SVD.

Version 3.2 adds a second type of dimensioning of the matrices involved in the SVD.

Version 3.3 adds the power function which raises a square matrix to an integer power using a minimum number of multiplications.

Version 3.4 adds the functions "NumRows(M As Matrix) As Integer" and "NumColumns(M As Matrix) As Integer".

Matrix Plugin was programmed in C++ using Xcode 3.2.5 for the Mac, MinGW and MSYS for Windows, and Ubuntu 12.04 for Linux.


Download Matrix Plugin v 3.4. The download includes documentation. (272 KB)

The xCode project for Matrix Plugin can be downloaded here: (73 KB)

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