MPCalcRB window

MPCalcRB is a multi-precision RPN scientific calculator for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.
It can handle numbers with up to 30,000 digits.
It can also handle numbers whose absolute values lie between about 10^-40000000 and 10^+40000000.
The popup menu selects from three keypads. There are keyboard equivalents for the functions.
Over forty scientific functions are now available. The Help menu describes them.
MPCalcRB was programmed with Xojo using my MPCalc Plugin and is based on my multiprecision engine fp.


Download MPCalcRB v 6.0 (4.2 MB) Mac OS X (Intel) (4.4 MB) Mac OS X (Intel) (15.5 MB) Linux (15.2 MB) Linux (13.4 MB) Windows (14.6 MB) Windows 

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