MPCalc Plugin

MPCalc Plugin provides the functionality of my multi-precision RPN calculator to a Xojo program. You can use it to create a multi-precision calculator of your own design.
It can handle numbers with up to 30,000 decimal digits.
It can also handle numbers whose absolute values lie between about 1e-65000000 and 1e+65000000.
As a Mac OS, Linux, and Windows plugin it can be used to create Xojo applications which run under Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.
Over forty scientific functions are now available.
Version 2.5 adds the integer functions MPFloor, MPRound, and MPCeil.
Version 3.0 adds Linux support and Universal support for Mac OS X, but removes Mac OS 9 support.
Version 4.0 uses my own multi-precision engine fp.
Version 4.1 corrects a bug in the PlusMinus() procedure.
Version 4.2 corrects a bug associated with large degree arguments for the trig functions.
Version 4.5 corrects a possible crashing bug.
Version 6.0 is 32 and 64 bit aware. It also allows commas in the input number.

MPCalc Plugin was programmed in C++ using Xcode 8.3.3 .

Download MPCalc Plugin v 6.0. The download includes a tutorial. (3.8 MB)

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