Complex Plugin

Complex Plugin for REAL Studio allows you to construct programs which can handle complex numbers much like doubles and integers are handled. Complex numbers are represented by two doubles.
Complex Plugin is compiled for Mac (Universal), Linux, and Windows.
The operators +, -, *, and / are overloaded. So, for example, these REALbasic statements are valid:

Dim x,y,z As Complex
x = New Complex(1,2)
y = New Complex(3,4)
z = x*y
EditField1.Text = z.Str // shows -5, 10

And this statement is also valid:
z = 2*x // z will represent (2,4)

Almost all the REALbasic built in functions are overloaded to take and return complex arguments.

Version 1.4 corrects a bug when an uninitialized Complex object is used as an argument of a function.
Version 1.5 allows complex numbers to be compared in an If statement.
Version 1.6 has a complex conjugate function. And you can set the number of significant figures in string output.
Version 1.7 has a faster square root function. And it corrects a possible error in the Pow function.
Version 2.0 has been brought up to date for the latest version of Real Studio.

Complex Plugin was programmed with Xcode 3.2.5.


Download Complex Plugin v 2.0. The download includes documentation. (205 KB)

The Xcode project for Complex Plugin can be downloaded here: (58 KB)

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