Base Converter

Base Converter converts an integer or non-integer string, including floating point strings, expressed in one base to an expression in another base. The allowed bases range from 2 to 65536. The length of the number is limited only by available memory.

Base Converter is made with Real Studio using my fp Plugin. There are three versions for Mac (Intel), Windows, and Linux.

Version 3.2 now implements a binary-reflected Gray code.

Version 4.0 now allows floating point numbers, such as 1.234e10000, to be converted.

Version 4.1 now allows fractions to be entered in any base.

Version 4.2 corrects a bug when the number has an exponent and the mantissa has no base point.

Version 4.3 now has both left and right text boxes for limit to places after the base point.


Download Base Converter v 4.3: (1.7 MB) (1.8 MB) (2.4 MB)

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